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lay out the rules that we can't break.

For some reason I've been adding to this post for months instead of just posting it, lol so a lot of these are older-ish (but some are new).

tv: the borgias, dexter, legend of the seeker, luther, the mentalist, once upon a time, supernatural, teen wolf, true blood, the vampire diaries, misc + movies
music: iamamiwhoami

don't look ahead, there's stormy weatherCollapse )
Tags: atonement icons, community icons, dexter icons, doctor who icons, happy endings icons, iamamiwhoami icons, icons, icons upon a time icons, it's always sunny in philadelphia icons, legend of the seeker icons, luther icons, ringer icons, sherlock holmes icons, sherlock icons, supernatural icons, sweeney todd icons, teen wolf icons, the mentalist icons, the vampire diaries icons, thor icons, true blood icons

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